Handling Objections Part 1: Introductions

Here is the method that has helped 1,000’s of telephone fundraisers to overcome objections. This is really “Objections 101” that anyone in sales and fundraising has to know by heart.

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The process

  1. Listen
  2. Sympathize
  3. Solve

Listen: The first part of this process is just keep quiet and let the person talk for a few seconds.

Sympathize: Let the person know that you understand. Don’t overdo this though.

Solve: The person has a problem; it is your job to give the person a solution.


Him: Doesn’t all the money go to administration?
You: Some people believe that. In reality we have 9.8 %, and I don’t think that’s high.

Her: Sorry I don’t have time now.
You: Yeah, we always call doing dinner. 🙂 We can call you another time if you prefer, but it is very important and I promise to be fast.

Her: I can’t afford it.
You: How do you mean?
Her: I just had a big car repair bill this month.
You: I understand. First of all thanks for your interest! We have a good solution; our system is actually so flexible that you can postpone your donation one month. It is very important that we start helping children in Africa as soon as possible, since you are so committed to the course, we really need you as a supporter. Can I write you up now to start next month? If you at any time find out you can’t afford it, it is easy to stop the payment.

Note. That in this you also clarified, thanked, used the case, told the person why SHE should be a supporter, closed and risk minimized.

Handling Objections Part 1: Introductions
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