Don’t ask for money, ask for help

Here is a quick way to avoid the dreaded question: “do you want do donate X$?” and start gaining more support by using the more friendly and positive question: “do you want to help”.

This is huge! This is the best advice I can give about telephone fundraising … ever.

You don’t ask for money, you ask for help – and then tell the person how he can help (ie. donate).


For busy reader – let me just give you the solution first – and then later explain why it works.


You: It is important that we help as many children as fast as possible and I understand that you agree. Do you want to help poor children in Africa?

Her: Actually … yes I want … how do I do it?

You: We have a good program, we know what to do. We just need resources. Some people are able to donate 20$ a month. Is that feasible for you?

Why it works

  1. People don’t want to give away money, they want to help. This is a way to put the help in focus.
  2. Most people want to help, so you get a yes. See the Yes Latter.
  3. It makes dealing with objections easier.
  4. You put less pressure and guild on the person … pressure and guild are VERY POOR tools for a fundraiser to use.

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