Token Resistance and the Power of the Covert Story

When NO means YES. What to do when the person “wants to support” but said no for some obscure reason.

Token resistance: is a symbolic resistance, where the person actually wants to support, but give some resistance, usually a logical reason why not to support. First thing to know NEVER NEVER NEVER get in to an argument with the person about the reason – YOU are a better debater than the person, so you can always prove the person wrong and win the argument – but you will never get his support after humiliating him. Second, don’t despair, verbalized resistance can actually be a good thing, it means that the person is so invested in the cause that he talks to you. Objections can actually be buying signals!

Power of the covert story

The covert story is to be used after the Ask.

Resistance means that the reasons you’ve given to support, hasn’t been strong enough. Don’t argue about money, if a person doesn’t want support, it doesn’t matter if you ask about 20$ or 1,000$. Give the person a new reason to support. It can either be a new story (a thing the organization does) or another way his support helps. I almost always use “your economic support really does a lot of good – and your membership support give us the strengths to put pressure on politicians”.

This is a covert strategy because when you first ask for his support, the person thinks he knows the all the reasons to support, but you are actually giving a reason he didn’t know existed.

Bonus advice on how to avoid token resistance all together

This is good strategy for closing. Instead of asking for money right away, ask first if he wants to support, and then tell the covert story. If goes like this:

You: Do you want to be a supporter.

Him: Yes. (if you have the balls – you can also continue if he sais no)

You: This is great! You know that the economic site is very important when we are helping X – and(a link is coming) the fight against Y is purely  a political fight – that is why you membership is so important.And then ask for the money.

This strategy requires a lot of skills to pull off. The reason you should be very careful with this strategy is the “Talk too much trap” where you actually turns a warm person cold with the boredom of too many words.

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