Using the Yes-Ladder

The Yes-Ladder is the oldest trick in the book – anyone who has just spent a little time selling has used this potent and very easy tool.
The whole point is to get the person to say yes as many times as possible before asking for a buying decision.

Here is a quick example on how to use it: 

  • Do you think Global Warming is a big threat?
  • Do you think we should stop it?
  • After what we agreed about Organization XYZ, do you think we have a good chance at combating Global Warming?
  • Do you want to donate to Organization XYZ?

The reason why this works is twofold: 

  1. The Yes-Ladder can logically persuade the person to donate. Look at the example above – since he thinks WE should stop it and he thinks Organization XYZ is the solution – the logical thing to do is to donate.
  2. Something happens in our brain then we have said YES a lot of times – for some reason we just want to continue. This also work the other way around! So it is your job as a fundraiser NEVER to get the person to say NO.

Note: this is an example; please do not use this example without modifying it. The person will feel like you are manipulating him.

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