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Don’t ask for money, ask for help

Here is a quick way to avoid the dreaded question: “do you want do donate X$?” and start gaining more support by using the more friendly and positive question: “do you want to help”. Continue reading

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1 > 2

Getting people to see the one child in need instead of the millions suffering is one of the most potent tools in your fundraising toolbox. Continue reading

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Free eBook | Homer Simpson for Nonprofits

The cool guys at Network for Good have put together this totally awesome free eBook.

The eBook gives a short, easy to read and interesting overview of behavioral economics as it applies to fundraising. Continue reading

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Pattern Interrupt

The way to change a persons state of mind, without using logic or offending the person. It is a way of using confusion to get the person out of his “every day” state of mind in to a state of … Continue reading

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