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Handling Objections Part 3: Writing a Script

There is a way the pros handle objections and if you want to be one of us, this is what you should do it: Write down and test ways to handle objections. Continue reading

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Handling Objections Part 2: Advanced

Learn to LOVE objections! They give you important information, handling them correct will build comfort, rapport and trust, they give you an opportunity to close and … they are fun to overcome. This post will show you how to use objections to your advantage. Continue reading

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Handling Objections Part 1: Introductions

Here is the method that has helped 1,000’s of telephone fundraisers to overcome objections. This is really “Objections 101” that anyone in sales and fundraising has to know by heart. Continue reading

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3 Questions You MUST Answer

Every time someone makes a donation, he knows the answer to those 3 questions.

Every time you get a NO, you have not properly answered the 3 questions for him. Continue reading

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Token Resistance and the Power of the Covert Story

When NO means YES. What to do when the person “wants to support” but said no for some obscure reason. Continue reading

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