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How to Open a Fundraising Conversation

The opener is the short conversation from the time the person says “Hallo” to the time you start making the case(a link is coming). A good opener can IMO actually double your cold calling success. I once conducted a semi-scientific … Continue reading

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Pattern Interrupt

The way to change a persons state of mind, without using logic or offending the person. It is a way of using confusion to get the person out of his “every day” state of mind in to a state of … Continue reading

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Token Resistance and the Power of the Covert Story

When NO means YES. What to do when the person “wants to support” but said no for some obscure reason. Continue reading

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Guidelines for Call Back

Perhaps the most misused tool is Telephone Fundraising is the option to set a call to “Call Back”. Don’t get me wrong – the call back option is awesome! But most new fundraisers don’t know how to use it. The … Continue reading

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How to Write Great Call Back Notes to your Fellow Fundraisers

Writing great notes when you decide that a person should be called back and you put him out in the common pool, i.e. you don’t create a “private call back”. You should always think – Will this information help the … Continue reading

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Using the Yes-Ladder

The Yes-Ladder is the oldest trick in the book – anyone who has just spent a little time selling has used this potent and very easy tool. The whole point is to get the person to say yes as many … Continue reading

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