Handling Objections Part 3: Writing a Script

There is a way the pros handle objections and if you want to be one of us, this is what you should do it: Write down and test ways to handle objections.

Warning! This is an insider tip ;)

No campaign has more than 8 different objections (most only has 3-6). It means you can easily write a list of all the objections and write down the solutions that work for you.

A Good Idea: Remember to ask other fundraisers or your team leader for their advice.

Here are examples on what I’ve used when I was fundraising for WSPA.

Note. This is translated from Danish. The wording in fundraising is very important, so you have to test and adapt this to your own language.

Her: I’m too old to donate.
Me: that’s exactly why you’re important. The pensioners who have lived a long life and have the knowledge needed to see that one must not treat animals the way … dogs are treated in South Korea.

Him: I’m not interested in animals.
Me: this is precisely why I called you. It is important that we all stop the nasty way some people treat animals. For example … there are still bulls being mistreated in the Spanish bullfights.

Him: I give in my own way / I like to decide when I give.
Me: Great, when you say this I can deduct, you are a person who knows the importance of making the world a better place, especially for animals who desperately need our help. We are calling out to people like you, to politely remind you that there are animals suffering unnecessarily so a few men can make money. For example … we are putting an end to trade in dog meat in South Korea – and it is high time because…

Him: I look on the Internet / you have a webpage don’t you.
Me: Of course we have a good and very comprehensive website – it might be a bit confusing in between – so that is why I’m hired to make the information a little more accessible, so anyone can made a good decision – do you have any questions about WSPA?

The person always answers “No”. So now you can just continue with a new case.

Him: It is of no use / it doesn’t help to do anything.
Me: Grin. You must certainly not say to those brave men and women out on the frontline fighting against animal cruelty.

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3 Responses to Handling Objections Part 3: Writing a Script

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  2. Amy says:

    Thanks for the script, I highly appreciate it. Actually I followed this post just from the part 1 and it has been my guide in writing script. Thanks!

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