The Importance of Money

The size of the donation is usually the most important aspect of a donation – but time and time again I hear fundraisers downplay the importance of money. This post should hopefully cure you of that bad habit :)

Usually when a fundraiser has had some bad luck in a few hours he starts to get desperate. He starts to down play the importance of money and talks about how cheap it is to support the organization. This is one of the worst think that can happen.

How many times have I heard:

  • You only have to pay X $.
  • You can stop supporting after 1 month.
  • It is not the money that is important, but your support that helps us.

First of all, when a fundraiser downplays the monetary support, he says that the persons sacrifice isn’t that important.

Second and more important, when a fundraiser starts to bargain about how cheap it is to support, he devalue the importance of the organization! This is without doubt one of the worst things a fundraiser can do. Because if people don’t see a cause as important they won’t even donate 1$.

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2 Responses to The Importance of Money

  1. mehar sultana says:

    money is important for human existence .and requires to serve society aslo one require this mehar

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