Getting partial acceptance to your claims will gradually allow you to logically convince the person about your course.

Partial acceptance is a key ingredient in a fundraising conversation, it allows you to logically convince the person and to discover any objections before you ask for support.

Ask for agreement

The most common way is simple to ask people if they agree with you.
  • Don’t you think we should stop X?
  • Will you agree with me that we should fight for Y?
  • How do you feel about Z?

Use a statement

The problem with the ask for agreement is, that it can come on as manipulative or that you are logically forcing them to agree with you. I.e. “don’t you agree that it is bad thing to punch a kitten in the face?”.
To overcome this you can use a statement instead.
  • I hate it when people punch innocent kittens in the face.
  • We should stop the people who punch kittens in the face.
This is usually much stronger and leaves a better impression – but it has to be said with the right voice inflection and with a lot of power

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