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Homer Simpsons

The cool guys at Network for Good have put together this totally awesome free eBook.

The eBook gives a short, easy to read and interesting overview of behavioral economics as it applies to fundraising.

To put it another way, it explains why people give and how we can better our communication with potential doners.

Here are what they write themselves:

People make illogical choices all the time. We cave to social norms. We make choices that aren’t good for us. We buckle to authority, even when it doesn’t make sense. We opt for a small, immediate satisfaction instead of big, long-term gain. The list of illogic is long. And it adds up to people making decisions that are often contrary to their own best interests.

For too long, nonprofit marketers and fundraisers have decided how to communicate based on thinking grounded in direct marketing and economics. The problem with this approach is that it assumes people are coolly logical and make their decisions about supporting a cause based on a rational, linear thought process. We’ve laid out the cases for why our causes matter based on facts and numbers.
The problem is most people don’t think like Alan Greenspan. They are more like Homer Simpson — limited in attention, over-endowed with impulse, and ruled by emotion.
Download it here: Homer Simpson for Nonprofits v2 or simply go to there website: Network for Good
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  1. kimberly says:

    Thank you for allowing me to learn and develop my own skills through your online giving.

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