How to Write Great Call Back Notes to your Fellow Fundraisers

Writing great notes when you decide that a person should be called back and you put him out in the common pool, i.e. you don’t create a “private call back”.


You should always think – Will this information help the next fundraiser or just waste his and my own time.

  1. Most of the time it is only nessesary to write the date and ”TA” (try again).
    “10-10-10 – TY”
  2. Copy/paste the note from above to save time.
    (just ask the person next to you)
  3. The REASON why the person can’t speak right now is NEVER necessary.
    “She had put her two year old child in the bed that had been in the creche all day and had been a little fuzzy because she missed her mom”
    “He was at work”
    “She was busy”
    “He was doing a raid in World of Warcraft”
    “On his way out”
  4. If the child picks up the phone and parents are not home – do NOT write it. It is not an important information.
    “The child took the phone and said that her mother was at work at Jensens Bøfhus”
  5. Only write notes if you started a conversation, or if there is an important information.
  6. Write how far you came into the conversation.
    “Precented the case”
  7. Write what you talked about.
    “Talked about street dogs”
    “Talked about bullfighting”
  8. Important information.
    “His father is a member”
    “Has previously donated”
    “Knows the organisation”
  9. If you started a conversation, write your name. It seems more professional if the next fundraiser can say:
    “I can see that you spoke with my talented colleague Martin last week,”
  10. Write why the conversation ended (only if the conversation was more than 30 sec.).
    “The doorbell rang.”
    “Could not find her account information”
    “Wanted to talk to his wife”
  11. Note if you talked to a man or a woman. Use he/she or write the man/woman.
    “He said …”
    “Talked with the wife”
  12. Lost connection always means that the person hang up!

Please checkout: Guidelines for Call Back

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